The Conditions of Muslims in War-torn Syria getting worse each day

Since March 2011, Syria has been involved in an ever-ending civil war. With the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the series of civil revolts known as the Arab Spring behind the back, a civil rebellion and a number of protests occurred. The uprising was initiated by an event that took place in the southern city of Deraa (Darʿā) on 6 March 2011, when a group of children was arrested for writing anti-government graffiti on the walls of a school. The children were reportedly misbehaved by the armed forces, and protests broke out that spread quickly to other cities. The armed forces followed a heavy-handed approach by opening fire on protesters in the city of Damascus. This only caused the protests to rise up even further. In May, army tanks entered Deraa, Banyas, Homs, and the suburbs of Damascus with the aim to put an end to the protests, yet the protesters were not inhibited. In July 2011, revolts from the Syrian army established the Free Syrian Army (FSA). 

This marked a turning point in what had until then been a predominantly civil insurgency. The conflict quickly rose up to a complete civil war. The opposition forces did not remain united. By September 2012, there were at least 30 opposition groups fighting, most of which were not controlled by the FSA, even when they were seemingly “brigades” of the FSA. The group known as Jabhat al‑Nusra, associated with al‑Qaeda, had also appeared by that time.

What started out as a civil outbreak was then transformed into a full-fledge civil conflict which resulted in the deaths of at least 191,000 people and made over million people into refugees or internally displaced persons. The opposition consists of many different political, military, ethnic and religious groups, which are often in open dispute with each other. In the meantime, the al‑Assad regime has continuously faced losses, but does not appear to be remarkably diminishing, regardless of the heavy international retributions and accusation.

Civil War in Syria:

Syria, officially known as the Syrian Arab Republic is, a country in western Asia. Syria shares its border with different important countries to the north it has border with Turkey, Iraq in the east, Lebanon and the Costal sea to the west, Jordan to the south and Israel to the south-west. Syria’s capital and largest city is Damascus. Syria other cities are Homs, Aleppo, and Daryr AZ Zawr. Mostly Eastern part of Syria is desert and it is very less populated while the most population of Syria is in the coastal region in latakia province. Syria is the land for different group of people of different religion such as Muslim (both Sunni and Shia), Christian, Kurds, and many others.

Background of Civil war:

Civil war/unrest:

People were unhappy with the government and their policies. Thus they started protesting against the government and it led to civil war.

Religious war:

President of Syria is basher al-Assad who belongs to Muslim (Shia) group. The population of Syria majority was Muslim (Suuni). Thus public think that the government is against them and the civil war take the shape of religious fight.

Proxy war:

Major Powers of the world are also have a great role in this civil war such as RUSSIA and U.S.A who are supporting different parties. The RUSSIA was supporting the government and Bashar al-Assad while on the other hand the U.S.A was supporting rebels (group working against government).

It’s not only the civil war it is the mixture of different wars:
· The groups against government

· The activities of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS

· Involvement of different countries like U.S.A, RUSSIA, Turkey etc.

The Regime (Government):

The government of Syria is led by Bashar al-Assad who is currently the president of Syria. He comes to rule country in 2000. He belongs to the Ba’ath party. He is very strong person. The government was backed and supported by Iran and Russia. China has also sported the government diplomatically. China and Russia has used its veto power to stop any resolution against the Syria government.

Moderate Rebels:

Free Syrian Army and Friends of Syria were fighting against the Syrian government. It was being supported by the U.S.A. Also Gulf States and Saudi Arabia Qatar were helping them.

Other Radical Opposition:

JABAT AL NUSRA which is the branch of Al-Qaeda and biggest group in Syria which is supported by Saudi Arabia secretly

ISIS which is known as Islamic state of Iraq and Al Sham. It was also known as Islamic state of Iraq and Levant (Levant was the ancient name of region which includes Syria, Lebanon and Israel. It has conquered the region and its caliphate was established in city name Raqqa under the leadership of Abu-Bakr albagdadi who was head of ISIS. It was the most dangerous group as it was attacking its own person that’s why Al Nsura also broke connection with them in 2014 saying that ISIS is also against its fellow Muslims and this is not the way we do so we are not supporting ISIS. From this we came to know how barbaric this group was.

KURDS are the ethnic people who are group of people living in different states Syria Iraq and Turkey. They were living in one region but after World War 1 they were distributed in different countries. Kurds of Syria wanted autonomy and they want their own country. So when civil war broke they took the full use of that and declare them free. Their area was known as Rojava. PKK (Kurdistan workers party) and YPG (People Protection Unit) in Syria.

How syrian civil war started:

Bashar al-Assad was a Shia Alawite; these people were minorities in Syria. He and his father Hafeez al-Assad were ruling the Syria last 30 years. Being Shia minority government they have been abusing the human rights especially of Sunni who were protesting against government so there was already some anger in the public against government. There were different problems like human rights, poverty, and the cost of living was rising and all these led to uprising protest in March 2011. Now the army and police fired upon the protestor and after some days protestor also took up weapons and shoot back and this is how the civil unrest begins and civil war started. Some of the army officer leave the army and make another group called Free Syrian Army who was supporting rebels. In 2012 extremist take action against the government was Of Shia people and jihadist were Sunni and they consider as a religious duty to fight against them. Iran who was the biggest allies of Syria government gives military and equipment to them to fight against the rebels group. At the same time Gulf States and Turkey help the rebels group with the help of Jordan by using its boundary to give rebels weapons. Hezbollah also jump into the war, as it was Shia group but its main target was to destroy Israel. When he saw Syria government in difficulty it stands with government.

In August 2013 an important thing took place and it is called water shed moment in civil war. For the first time government used saran gas chemical attack on people in which about 700+ peoples were killed in the attack. On this there was huge cry around the world against the Assad’s government and that he should left the government but at that time Russia again come to support him and ask him to give his entire chemical attack bomb to OPCW (Organization for prohibition of chemical weapons) otherwise USA will definitely attack him. The OPCW also get the noble prize 2013 for his work.

ISIS breaks from Al Qaeda and starting occupying the territories that Al Nusra has, FSA has and it also attacking Kurds. Raqqa in the north of Syria was established as capital of ISIS occupied region. It also captures some part of Iraq and this whole area of Syria and Iraq was called Islamic state. In September 2015, Syria again asks Russia to help him out as the government was losing its ground and ISIS was becoming strong. Russia started bombing the ISIS, FSA and Nusra and they become week and start losing ground and government was saved.

Now the USA and Russia has come face to face as the USA was supporting rebel while Russia was supporting the Syrian army. So they came face to face so it was all happening in that part of region. During all this there was huge lose of human lives about 4, 70,000 approximately half million were died in this war and 19, 00,000 people have been wounded that is a great number. So every one person from 44 has died in this war.

The map shows the control of different groups in different Area in recent years:

· Red region: control by Regime (government)

· Gray region: control by ISIS

· Yellow Region: control by Kurdish people

· Green Region: control by FSA


Step taken for Syria problem and different talks was held in different region but till now there was no solution find for this important problem on which the peace of whole world depend.

Geneva I, June 2012

Geneva II, 2014

Geneva III, 2016

October 2016 Lausanne talks

Geneva IV, Feb-Mar 2017

Initiative of Astana talks

Astana talks (different month of 2017-18)

Diplomatic crisis in Syria:

Syria is in serious diplomatic crisis. Syria has bad relations with other countries. None of any country is supporting Syria People cannot give vote other than Basher-al-Asad and if they give vote to any other than him, they are signing their and their family death warrant. Diplomatic rights of people have been destroyed. No other political party is available in Syria. There is just civil war.

Syria relation with Israel:

Syria has very bad relation with its close neighboring country Israel. Both countries have fought many wars. These wars are 1948 Israel Arab war, six-day war in 1967, Yom Kippur war in 1973 and so on. Both countries do not accept each other states. Both countries does not allow their people to go in other country. So, relation between them are so bad.

Syria relation with Turkey:

The relation between Syria and turkey are also in bad condition. They are in diplomatic crisis due to several things as follow:

· Water dispute

· Supporting a terrorist league by Syria in turkey (pkk)

· Helicopter downing

· Bad views about land Hatay province of Turkey by Syrians

Syria relation with United States:

Syria and U.S are in worst relation since 2012 (civil war). This dispute has occurred due to these main issues

· Arab-Israeli conflict in 1948

· Adding of Golan heights in other country

· War with Iraq

· U.S. embassy bombing attempt

Worse Living Crisis:

Since the Syrian common war formally started in March , 2011, families have endured under ruthless clash that has murdered a huge number of individuals, destroyed the country, and set back the way of life by decades. Today 13.1 million individuals in the nation require help. More than 12 million individuals inside Syria need help to remain alive. That is a large portion of the nation. Right around 8 million have been constrained from their homes, compelled to impart rooms to different families, or camp in unheated, relinquished structures, asking the battling won't spread. An expected 4.8 million Syrians are in regions that are difficult to reach.

Syria Response Director Wynn Flaten said in an April 12 statement “As we enter the eighth year of this ruinous war in Syria, it is harrowing to hear of the alleged attacks in Douma, It is utterly heartbreaking to see the constant calls from humanitarian organizations to put an end to the violence, suffering, and devastation of Syrian people, go unnoticed.”

U.N. humanitarian adviser Jan Egeland warns Syria is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since 2015. He is calling for a humanitarian pause to allow the delivery of life-saving aid to hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in besieged areas.

"This is a war where armed men are specializing in suffering of civilian populations," he said. "... I am so fed up with the counter-arguments that these men in offices and men in suits and uniforms always have to ask why they are not allowing cross-line [aid] to the civilians on the other side."

We will talk about various perspective and actualities because of which life in the Syria is hard to live in:

By June 2013, the UN said 90,000 individuals had been slaughtered in the contention. By August 2015, that figure had moved to 250,000, as per activists and the UN. In excess of 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in four-and-a-half years of equipped clash, which started with unfriendly to government disagrees before developing into a full-scale war. More than 11 million others have been compelled from their homes as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and those limited to his control battle each other - and furthermore jihadist activists from charged Islamic State. This is the story of the basic war up until this point

Health Care:

Because of fundamental aggravation and general political weakness there is no real human organizations framework set up in Damascus and more basic Syria. Its clinics are destroyed; specialists and medical caretakers are departing the nation en mass and treatable infections have now progressed toward becoming capital punishments, the human services framework is in emergency and has practically totally crumpled.

Culture and Environment:

Being one the most prepared urban groups on the planet, a rich mosaic of social identities had populated the country. It is however essentially Muslim and Arab. The present war has however shielded social and religious life from continuing as run of the mill, therefore genuine one of a kind occasions, for instance, Ramadan, Eid, weddings and other general festivals have genuinely ceased. Occupants live in a relentless state of fear and exhaustion.

Human rights violations:

Human rights are being disregarded both by the legislature and the radical gathering. Individuals are slaughtered. There hand ,legs have been cut and cleaved. The regular citizens are executed by chemicals bombs. Utilization of weapons is there. They have touchier them. There are the cases placing individuals into jail for 2 to 3 years.

Education in Syria:

Syria is suffering from some serious issues from which education is one. In Syria’s armed conflict between gov and anti-gov forces, children have suffered with the rest of population. The government has cross every limit of violation of human rights laws against the people of Syria. This torture comes to student and their schools. They have been attacking buildings of schools by releasing barrel bomb on schools. They are using schools as their hideouts. They are punishing students and using them for their dirty purpose. Gov is destroying schools building as well as the opposition doing so. Opposition is using schools as residence. They are also abusing students against government. They are harassing girls. The percentage of rape has increased. It is now impossible for girls and women to get out of their houses for education or any other purpose.

Here are some effects on education of Syria:

· Targeting the students and schools.

· Interrogating students by school officials about their political views

· Use gun fires, excessive force against students

· Students become child laborers and child soldiers

· Giving guns instead of books in hands of small student and brain washing.


Terrorism has created a lot of problems for a common man in Syria. Every day, the so-called Jihadi/militants are target killing the innocent Muslims as well as people of other religions.

Allah says in Quran:

“…Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves a life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” Qur’an 5:32

The militancy was first started when Syrian civil war broke out and due to war, many foreign countries such as United States, Israel etc stepped into Syria for their malignancy purposes and benefits. A terrorist Group (Al-Qaeda) was already operating in Syria but then a militant group names under ISIS was created to further spread militancy across the whole Syria. This was all being done to challenge the sovereignty of Muslim state. The political administration in Syria remains salience on these militant groups. Instead of taking action against militants, The president of Syria ‘Bashar al-Assad’ openly supports several militant groups such as Hezbollah, Houthis, Al-jihesh etc. The Militant groups in Syria is brainwashing small children of ages 6 to 10 years old and these kids are being used against muslims itself. The violence and religious extremism by militancy is at its peak in Syria.

Author: Haseeb Ahmed Saeed is a Pakistani Muslim, A Passionate Blogger, Writer and a Student of BCS. He loves Technology more than anything else and also Expert in Civil Diplomacy, Current Affairs, Military Analyst etc.  

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