Kashmir: The World's Most Militarized Zone Is Bleeding For Freedom!

Recently, A sad and heart breaking image of College girls was trending on social media in which they were protesting against the Occupational forces of India. In response to that protest, Indian Armed Forces used Pelet Guns and and lethal weapons that can cause serious injuries. Some of the students got injured and they were rushed to hospital. 

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Pictures of Students Protesting Against Indian Occupation - Image Credit: hindustantimes.com

The People of Indian Occupied Kashmir started demanding Freedom since 1990 due to oppression and Human Rights Violation including (Mass Murders, Rapes and other crimes) being done by Indian Security Forces. These crimes are thousands in Numbers and till now No action has taken against their perpetrators.

What pellet guns have done to protesters in Kashmir

India has deployed around 10 Lac heavily Armed Forces only in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir so that's why Indian Occupied Kashmir is known as the World's Most Militarized Zone. These Security Forces are involved in Target Killings, Mass Murders, Rapes. Even they didn't leave 10 to 15 year old boys. Recently, the Indian Army killed a 15 Year Old boy (Faizan) who has done nothing. He was Student of 10th Class and was brutally murdered for no reason. The Indian Media termed him a militant all the day in their headlines so to calm the public of India.

Recently, United Nation has released a Report on Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, in which they has asked Indian Government to stop Human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir. In response, Indian Govt. has rejected the report released by UN. Indian government said, 'Kashmir is an Integral Part of India and will remain part of India'. Apart from that, Pakistan on the other hand has conveyed message to UN that it welcome the initiate of UN and Pakistan is ready to Send United Nation team to Azad Kashmir to conduct free and fair survey on Human Rights. The Coward India on the other hand afraid to do so because of what its military has done in Kashmir.

The Conflict of Kashmir is getting worse each day. The analysts says more than 100,000 people in Kashmir has been killed, Other than 47,725 people are seriously injured, 8000 plus forced disappearances, mass torture and sexual violence and murders, the majority committed by Indian armed forces, and that these cases have had zero prosecution in civilian courts. After all this, the whole world has still kept his silence on this issue.

Human Right Abuses in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir

Author: Haseeb Ahmed Saeed is a Pakistani Muslim, A Passionate Blogger, Writer and a Student of BC(CS). He loves Technology more than anything else and also Expert in Civil Diplomacy, Current Affairs, Military Analyst etc.  

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