The Indian Media and its Controversy about Imran Khan

Indian Media who is known for its Controversial News all over the world. Recently, There is an Election held in all over Pakistan. All the major political parties openly participated in Election campaign 2018. The election commission of Pakistan is an institution that is responsible for free and fair Elections. Due to security concerns, The Election commission of Pakistan(ECP) has ordered to acquire the help of Pakistan Armed Forces. The main task of Pak Army is to protect the election offices all over the country. There were around 85,000 election polling offices which has to be protected for free and fair elections.

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Imran Khan (The Current PM of Pakistan)

Now, these days are known as golden days for Imran Khan due to their huge followings/Supporters all over the country. According to Survey on Social media, upto 80 percent people voted for Imran Khan and around 19 percent voted for PML(N) and 1 percent for other political parties. This shows How much Imran Khan is popular among Pakistanis.

Due to nation support, Imran Khan has successfully won Election 2018 and has become a new Prime Minister of Pakistan, Indian media started feeling itchy and worried. Why? Because they always make propaganda against Imran Khan. They showed Imran Khan as an Indian movie villain according to Imran Khan statement after watching their propaganda content.

Indian media claims that Imran Khan was not elected by Pakistani Nation but forcefully elected by Pakistan Armed Forces to fulfill their demands against India. This statement is as rubbish as the whole Indian Democracy is. The people of Pakistan loves Imran Khan as their Prime Minister 2018. 

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