Donald Trump to cut $200 million in aid to Palestinians

Donald Trump to cut $200 million in aid to Palestinians

Washington: US President Donald Trump has ordered his administration saying that $200 million of economic aid given to Gaza should be given somewhere else.

"The decision has been made to ensure that the amount is being used according to US interests, " a foreign minister official said.

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In past, United States has already blocked the $65 million aid by United Nation to Palestinian.

Since the Donald Trump elected as President, the relations between United States and Palestinians are tense.

The relations became worse when US President Trump declared 'Jerusalem', the capital of Israel in December of 2017. Palestinians says that United States not been able to meditate between parties since that move.

The United States administration has suspended the recent aid by the Taylor Force act which was approved in June. This law prohibits Palestinian authorities to stop paying tributaries to the families of martyrs/Victims in the act against Israel.

The US department of Foreign Minister said on Friday that This amount would be spend on other prior projects, but they didn't provided further details of projects.

Both the Palestinian and United Nations relief authorities has warned that blocking the aid will strongly affect the lives of ordinary people.

However, US officials say that the international community faces challenges in providing assistance to Gaza, whereas Hamas dominates the lives of Gaza's citizens and has already worsened bad human and economic situation.

Source: This Article was published in Urdu by BBC News Publishers.

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