Canada: Four people killed in a shooting Incident, suspect arrested

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Fredericton: Four people was killed in a shooting incident, including two Fredericton Police officers in the eastern city of Fredericton, Canada. The suspected has been arrested by the police officials.

According to AFP News, the shooting incident has happened in Brookside area of Fredericton, after which the administration requested the locals to stay in their homes.

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The statement was issued by Fredericton police right after the incident, and they conformed that a suspected was arrested in another statement.

Later, the third statement released by the police said that 4 people were killed in the shooting incident, including 2 police officers.
The police said that investigations of this incident is going on while the Brookside drive area is still being monitored my us until this case finally over. The reason of firing in capital of New Brunswick province has not yet known.

The shooting incident took place at city's residential place after which the police, rescue and firefighter personnel reached the spot, according to a report of Canadian official news of CBC.

An eyewitness told us that there was a rifle placed at window of apartment from where shooting was being done in the courtyard.

Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau quoted while saying that, "Very sad news is coming out of Fredericton and We are looking at the matter seriously," he said.

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Last month, an incident occurred in Toronto, where a man was killed in a firing by a armed man and 13 others were injured, while the shooter shot himself.

In Canada, traditionally violence is considered to be quite small as compared to its neighbor United States.

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