Pakistan is the Most Powerful Muslim Country in the World

Pakistan is better known as Strongest muslim country in the world due to its very Brave, Courageous Armed Forces i.e Pakistan Army, Air Force, and Pak Navy. Pakistan is the only muslim country in the world that possess Nuclear Weapons with range varying from several kilometers to thousands of kilometers.

Pakistan had conducted its first Nuclear test in 28 May 1998. It has currently 130 to 150 Nuclear Warheads. Some of the missiles are: ⚬ Nasr (60 km) ⚬ Hatf-1 (100 km) ⚬ Abdali (200 km) ⚬ Ghaznavi (290 km) ⚬ Raad (350 km - Cruise Missile) ⚬ Babur (700 km Cruise Missile) ⚬ Shaheen-1 (750 km) ⚬ Ghauri (1500 km) ⚬ Shaheen-2 (2000 km) ⚬ Shaheen-3 (2750 km) ⚬ Tipu (5000+ Under Development)

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