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Everybody desire to have an Internet Connection has is reliable and fastest too, but recently A Scientific Research has come up with facts about Fast Internet that has shown vulnerable things might happen to a human body while using Fast Speed Internet.

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Indeed, those people who have faster Internet access are more vulnerable to sleep shortage. 

The claim came in a medical study in Italy. The Bocconi University Research said that faster broadband and fiber optic cables are now becoming ordinary and people's sleep is being affected with this technology. 
Research states that people having broadband Internet at home sleep less than 25 minutes each night from those people, who don't have access to broadband Internet.

According to research, Access to broadband Internet increases Fatigue inside the human body due to lack of sleep. Researchers also believe on the fact that When the Internet is faster, people mostly spend their time on it and remain busy in Social media sites, video games or videos even at night. Indeed the devices keeps the people away from bed, even if they do not have to go to school or office early in the morning.

The report reveals that due to sharp schedule of morning and the habit of using electric devices at night, the risk of depriving of 7 hours of sleep increases and they do not get relief after day-by-day activities. The research also said that the use of Internet between people of 13 to 30 years are increasing up to 59 Percent. That is quite alarming. These people usually spend most of their precious time in browsing the Internet

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The Research is published in the Medical Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 


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