UN Reports: Myanmar military generals are involved in heinous crimes.

united nations: Myanmar military generals are involved in heinous crimes.

On Tuesday, the United Nations Commission has revealed names of six of the Military General of Myanmar who are involved in heinous crimes. The UN report clearly said that these six generals are behind all the plannings and execution of Genocide against Rohingya people.

An investigation Commission of United Nations said that several senior military officers of Myanmar are involved in the Torture and Killings of Rohingya Muslim minority in Rakhine state of Myanmar. All of them should be persecuted in international criminal court. 

The three-member commission 'Independent Fact Finding Mission for Myanmar' made by the United Nations on Monday informed journalists about the results of their investigation in Myanmar. This press conference was held in Geneva on August 27. 

The report consists of 400-pages by commission said that the Genocide against Rohingya People in the northern state of Rakhine was well organized and was planned many years ago.

Last year, 25,000 people were killed in the violent acts of Myanmar's army and Buddhist extremists in Rakhine state, while more than seven million Rohingya Muslims had to migrate Bangladesh, where they are still living in temporary camps.

The commission has also reviewed a detailed report on Myanmar's Army operations against the two states (Kashin & Shan) having minorities. The actions of Myanmar Army is stated as war crimes or crimes against humanity.

The members of United Nations of Commisison for Myanmar have accused in the report that the responsibility of all these "brutality and massacre" is lean on Myanmar's senior leadership.

On Monday, The member of commission Christopher Sidoti while talking to press told that his commission has collected much evidence of genocide incidents in Myanmar that the matter will be taken to the international court for legal proceedings for further investigations and executions.

They said whatever have happened in Rakhine could not have been executed without the planning and orders from senior military officials.

They also said that the role of 'Chain of Command' of Myanmar's army is absolutely suspicious and therefore the commission has recommended further investigation against six highest military generals to bring them into justice. 

The commission's report said that Myanmar's civil government has limited control over the army, but despite having less control, the civil government could play its role in preventing these operations, but they kept their eyes closed on the heinous war crimes. 

The United Nations Commission has also criticized Aung San Suu Kyi, The head of Myanmar's government and Nobel-prize winner and politician for not even fulfilling her moral responsibility to stop those events in Myanmar. 

Keep in mind that Myanmar's government refused to allow this UN commission to enter Myanmar for its investigation, due to which the commission completed its investigation reports by the eyewitnesses and satellite images of 875 highly tortured people based on their documents, photos and videos.

The UN Commission has also submitted its report to Myanmar's government on which the they haven't reacted until now.

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