Is India no more Secular? Detailed Analysis and Opinion

Since the past week, the air inside India been full of violence with Sectarianism between Hindi and Muslims. The conflict was all started when a major rumor was spread across India that a Muslim in Utter Pradesh has slaughtered a cow for meat.

This news got widespread by the Communal Hindu Parties across India and thus resulting in a mob violence in India that has killed two persons, including a Police Inspector. The Government of India is still been silence as the 'General Elections' are coming ahead. Moreover, the Hindu mobs are spreading violence by using Weapons: Old Rifles, AK-47's & Pistols.

Indian Police Inspector killed by Hindu mob lynching
Police Inspector: Subodh Kumar Singh

The Police Inspector (Subodh Kumar Singh) killed in Hindu mob violence was belong to Sikh Community of India. He was neither a Hindu nor a Muslim but still, he was targeted just because he was taking actions against the Hindu Cow Vigilantes that are spreading a layer of terror across the minorities of India.

Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh Yogi Adityanath
Chief Minister of U.P. Yogi Adityanath invited by RSS on their occasion.

The interesting thing is that Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath is openly supporting these cow vigilantes. Instead of taking any action against Lynching by these Hindu mobs, he continues to fund a Communal Hindu Extremist Part (RSS) which is recently been listed as a Terrorist Organization by United States, UK, and many other countries.

The RSS Extremists:

terror Organization, RSS, India's RSS, cow vigilantes, gau rakshak

The Above image showing members of RSS organization that is being run by the Indian Government. The members of RSS get training of Basic to Advance Fighting. The members of RSS also includes women, children. One thing to keep in mind is that only Hindus can join and become a member of RSS. 

Extremist Hindu from RSS threatening Muslims in India
Hindu mobs openly Threatening with Knives and Cutters

This is not the first case, in which Hindu mobs are creating unrest in India. On Sept. 28, 2015, A Muslim man (Muhammad Akhlaq) was lynched near Dadri, also in western Utter Pradesh on a rumor that he has eaten beef. Keep in mind, The Cow is considered as God in Hinduism thus it is strictly forbidden to eat beef in India. 

The Cows are in better condition than minorities inside India: Indian Activist

Recently, The Indian Army Chief said that India will talk to Pakistan until it becomes a Secular Country just like India is. This statement contradicts as India itself is losing the proclaimed Secularism. Meanwhile, the minorities of India are living under the under the shade of Hindu Terror. 

Indian Journalist Speaking about Indian Media:

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