U.S. Govt. funded (Voice of America) radio banned in Pakistan

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Recently, The U.S. Government funded news/radio agency (Voice of America) or VOA has been banned in Pakistan. The ban on VOA radio was placed on the request of senior officials of Pakistani authorities.

About a week earlier, Pakistan ordered internet service providers to block the website of Voice of America's Urdu language service. VOA's Deewa news website, which primarily caters to the Pashto-speaking audience in the region around the Afghan border, has already been blocked for months.

Information Minister of Pakistan, Fawad Chaudhary said that the websites are banned for 'false and prejudiced reporting'.

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"The news stories they were doing only projecting a certain narrative without any impartial view. There are many positive things happening in our country." The Pakistani authorities have banned the website of VOA by saying that Voice of America is involved in spreading lies and only lies. And actually, that is true!

Interesting Fact

Voice of America or VOA was established in 1942 by the U.S. Administration. After the time, it started broadcasting its radio services across the globe. Several countries opposed its this platform as it is was only narrating the perception of United States.

Now, this is not the first time when the U.S. government-funded VOA news is banned in Pakistan. Before this, VOA radio and many foreign news agencies, as well as NGO's, are being monitored for their Anti-state propaganda which includes one-sided views too.

Currently, the (Voice of America) radio is banned in China, Russia, Burundi, North Korea, Cambodia, Iran, Iraq, and Vietnam. Even the U.S. administration has banned VOA radio several times in past for reporting negativity and biased views.

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