About Us

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our website, PakThought.com whose tag line is 'Premier Story from Pakistan'. This website publishes News Articles consisting of Technology, Health, Sports, Asian and Western Conflicts, World Problems and their Solutions.

The Founder of this website is Haseeb Ahmed. Do you know personally? If not I will tell you about him. 

His full name is Haseeb Ahmed Saeed. He is the Student of Comsats University and completing his degree in Bachelor of Science (Computer Science). He is a part time Blogger, Entrepreneur, and a YouTuber in past.

PAKTHOUGHT was launched on August 3, 2018 to fulfill the requirements of a civilized journalism and not being bias on any topic, whether the blog post is related to Pakistan, or any part of world, We try to put all the pros and cons in front of our readers to decide what is write and wrong. We all know that social media is being used against other countries by writing filthy propaganda that can divert people ideology. So this platform is rightly presenting you the real facts.

Currently, the website has is being published by its founder only, but he has decided to include more people into this platform to create Job opportunities as well as to provide learning resources to other people too.

Thank You for visiting our Website. Hope, you will read something Informative and knowledgeable. Bye!

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