Why Western Media So Against Pakistan's PM Imran Khan ?

As the general elections in Pakistan ends, all the western media including Indians started creating loathe content against Imran Khan and his Victory. The people of Pakistan came out of their houses to vote for their democratic rights in Pakistan and thus before 'Free and Fair election' campaign was only done by electable as well as independent candidates.

Here the question arises in mind that Why Indian and Foreign media is scared of Imran Khan ?
The Answer is pretty simple. Imran Khan is a man of rules and discipline. He is strictly against Corruption mafia which was active in Pakistan since its creation. In past, People respect him because of his legendary cricket performance and now he is the most popular Political leader known in Pakistan. The western media contempt Imran Khan's statements to show the world that Pakistan has got a very extremist mindset of leader. But the reality is that Imran Khan is very generous and he has presented his ideas to make Pakistan more prosper and brighter.

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Some of the News Headlines of Western media that were to defame Imran Khan:

By this pic, we can see that article was written by Fatima Bhutto which is a Pakistani. She tryed to defame Pak Military and Imran Khan by saying that Pakistan's military has thrashed everyone out of Politics except Imran Khan to let him win only.  

This Post was also written by a Pakistani 'Mohammad Zaheer'. So we need to realize that mostly these kind of articles are being written by Pakistanis for the sake of spicy news/Money...

Here the writers are foreigner as well as a Pakistani. Where they pushed more focus on the term 'fairest election ever'.

Why the post writer trying to say that Imran Khan can't face crises of Pakistan. He is definitely going to resolve the very problems of Pakistan. So, you need not to worry! Ookaay...

In Conclusion, Indians as well as Western media -- Please Stop being Jealous of the newly Prime Minister of Pakistan, The Great Legend Cricketer, and a noble human being.

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Author: Haseeb Ahmed Saeed is a Pakistani Muslim, A Passionate Blogger, Writer and a Student of Bachelors. He loves Technology more than anything else and also Expert in Civil Diplomacy, Current Affairs, Military Analyst etc.

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