Donald Trump: US Secretary of State wouldn't go to North Korea

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In his tweet, President Trump said that Mike Pompeo might visit North Korea in the near future but it is likely to happen after the settlement of ongoing trade dispute with China.

US President Donald Trump has canceled the official visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to North Korea.

The President has said that this visit has been canceled due to inadequate progress towards the target of Korea-based nuclear purification.

The US Secretary of State had to visit Piang Yang next week, but US President Trump announcing the cancellation of visit in his tweet on Friday.

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In his tweet, President Trump said he had told Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he would not go to North Korea right now, further President said, "We are not making satisfactory progress in making North Korea clear from Nuclear Weapons." He said.

The statement of President Trump is contrary to his earlier North Korean influence that America has lost its risk of nuclear attack against North Korea.

President Trump said this statement after the meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong in Singapore this year.

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The President, with regard to Kim Jung, was extremely successful with his meeting, saying that the North Korean leaders are pleased to end the nuclear weapons from their country.

But since the summit in Singapore, there has been little progress in the talks on ending nuclear weapons between the two countries.

President Trump has summoned US Secretary of State Mike Pompev to discuss talks with North Korea who are demanding strong measures for the loss of nuclear weapons from Pyong yang.

On the contrary, the North Korean government wants the US to soften the sanctions on it.

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