Gaza: Israel once again closed the transmission path

Gaza: Israel once again closed the transmission path, Israel occupation, Palestine conflict

Jerusalem: After the clashes around the border areas, Israel once again closed the Gaza strip that covers the transporting paths which has now closed by Authorities and in any emergency condition, people will be asked permission by Israeli Occupiers.

According to News Agency AFP, A few days ago, the efforts of reconciliation led to Israel's relief in the siege area of Gaza sectarian territory.

Due to the recent move, the intriguing people in Gaza will not be able to use this route during the festival, because the Israelis haven't given any statement on How long will this road blocked.

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Israeli Defense Minister said that 'Arizona crossing' was re-closed because of the Friday's provocative operations.

On Monday, Palestinian authorities confirmed the closure of the border and said that instead of the need of treatment therapy, it would not be permissible to go through.

The Israeli military claimed that many people had crossed the border by entering the border with Israel while fire shells, and volcanic substances from the fences on the border, were believed to be in Israeli protest during the demonstration with the border. But till yet no proof has given to media.

Israel had opened the only way to transport goods with Gaza last week, after which the supply of goods sold for more than a month had been restored.

Remember that the Gaza borders only with Egypt, but Rafah border crossing was closed for the past several years, and Cairo announced it to open it in Ramadan this year, after which this path is open.

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One Israeli official said that the UN and Egypt's efforts have found an initial agreement between the two sides, after which for some days there was peace on both sides of the border and delivery of goods could be possible.

Source: This Article was published in Urdu by Dawn Publishers.

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