Afghanistan: 60 People killed in Suicide bombing

60 People killed in Suicide bombing in Afghanistan

Kabul: There is a Suicide attack outside the educational center in the capital of Afghanistan in which 60 people got killed. It is believed that the Suicide Bomber tried to Attack the School. The eye witness said "Most of the people killed in the blast are the boys at the Educational center."

According to afghan media, dozens of people have been injured in the attack and many of them are in critical condition.

Recently, Afghan ministry of Health had conformed that At least, 48 people have killed while 67 are critically injured but now the death toll increases upto 60.

According to local media, the Suicide bomber blew himself with a suicide vest at outside the educational center. 

It looks like the Attack is carried out by ISIS-Khorasani because the Afghan Taliban mostly targets Afghan Nationa Army as well as its allies but ISIS tagets both soft as well as hard targets.

Until now, No group has accepted the responsibility of the attack.

In last week, the attack was carried out on security check posts by Taliban in various cities of Afghanistan, in which 24 personnel of Afghan Army got killed.

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