Yemen: Aerial Bombing by Saudi alliance kills 30 including 22 Children

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Aerial Attacks carried out by Saudi Alliance in Yemen's north-eastern province killed 30 people including 22 children. The target area was mostly under Haiti rebels.

United States media CNN quoted Yemeni media that 4 families had vacant their houses and were leaving that place when they were targeted by Air strikes.

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The family members who were rescued safely said that there was an attack  before in which 4 people were killed and 2 sustained injures due to which other families are trying to move out of this area to save their and their children lives.

According to British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, the Air Strike was carried out in Hudayda province which is present at the coastal city at Yemen border. In this regard, Mark Lowcock, A Secretary general pf Humanitarian Affairs in United Nations said that apart from this attack, 4 children have been killed in another attack.

Until now, There is no explanation given by Saudi Alliance on this attack. However In the beginning of this month, Children's school bus was attacked for which they declared that totally 'valid'.

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It is belived that Saudi Alliance had started Operation in June to regain control of Hudayda which is under Haiti rebels. Relief Organizations expressed serious concerns over this operations said that mostly human beings will be targeted.

Because of having Coasts, the Haiti rebels gets their funding easily. Saudi Alliance said that they haven't intentionally targeted civilians, but the human rights activists have wrongly accused the coalition forces that these forces target Schools, Hospitals and residential areas.

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