60 Percent of US Citizens rejects the Performance of Donald Trump, The Survey

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United States - In a survey, 60 Percent of the citizens of US are unsatisfied with the performance of President Donald Trump while half of the citizens have shown their support with Trump policies.

According to the results of a survey conducted by Washington Post and ABC News, 36 Percent of people of United States have accepted the Donald Trump's Presidential performance.

In an another survey in April this year, 40 Percent of the US citizens expressed their satisfaction on trump while 56 Percent rejected the performance of President Donald Trump.

The recent survey regarding the Donald Trump was conducted on August 26 to August 29, when the former chairman of the Trump's presidential campaign, Paul Manafort was convicted in tax and bank fraud and former attorney Michael Cohen admitted to pay all those women to remain silent who accused the Donald Trump for sexual harassment.

This survey was asked from 3 thousand citizens based on personal opinion all over the US. 49% of the people participating in this survey said that the Congress should intervene against them and 46 percent disagree with this.

36% of US citizens believe that Trump has been in the way of justice by trying to intervene in the work of specialist Robert Mueller in connection with the involvement of Russia during the election campaign.

In the same survey, 35 percent of the people said that they do not believe that the president has interfered with such a tragedy, while Trump dismissed the investigation and tried to harm politically.

According to survey of 3,000 citizens of US, 63% of the participants said that they support the investigation of Robert Mueller however 29% have opposed it.

The ratings of donald Trump with regards to economic situation has improved in Washington Post and ABC News. 45 Percent of the people are satisfied with their economic performance however 45 percent are not.

Republicans and Democrats have clearly shown their disregard over the popularity of Donald Trump in survey. 73 percent of the Republicans approved their president's performance, while 93 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of the independent citizens rejected it.

Source: This article was compiled on the information given by ABC News.

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