Pak-Afghan Border fencing to be completed by 2019: Pakistan Army

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DECEMBER 15, 2018

Pakistan's military is fencing Pak-Afghan border to stop the infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan. As of today, Afghanistan has become a center of terrorists, where ISIS, Taliban and world's recognized terror organizations take place.

The fencing work at Pak-Afghan border will be completed by the end of 2019, a statement issued by the spokesman of Pakistan's Army, hoping the massive unilateral undertaking will effectively benefit peaceful people of the two countries while restricting terrorists.

Officials estimate that this fencing project will cost Pakistan more than $550 million dollars. 

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Afghanistan Opposing fencing on Border

The Government of Afghanistan is not interested to contribute to this project. Afghan Govt. don't even accept the Pak-Afghan border by saying that 'We don't recognize the border line which was drawn by Britishers in the 20th century'. 

On the other hand, Pakistan rejects the Afghan narrative. In order to protect the territorial integrity, the Pakistani Govt. is trying to secure the border region along with Afghanistan.

As of today, 802 Km of Pak-Afghan border fencing has been completed while its total length is Approximately 2600 km. In addition with Fencing, Pakistan Army is building 843 forts along with border and has deployed the latest surveillance and resonance systems.

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